Motivation for Life, the Universe, and a Goldfish Bowl

This little project of mine has been a long time coming.  It is mainly the result of a growing cohort of science skeptics in this ‘information age’.  Sure, information may be accumulating at a more rapid rate than ever before, and most (and if you are clever and have a disregard for the law, all) information on the internet is freely available.  More and more people are self-educating themselves with this freely available information, most of the time unaware of the quality of the information itself, and the source of the information as well.  Sometimes this information is false, sometimes it is gilded in flowery and complex language to hide that the source of the information either: a) does not know what they are writing/talking about, or b) is purposely miscommunicating the information.  But this isn’t always the case.  My biggest issue is with science skeptics.  The skeptics who think vaccines don’t work, climate change isn’t driven by human influences on the environment, evolution isn’t real, etc. (think of anything with a huge burden of scientific evidence supporting that claim and you will find someone who thinks that the claim is ridiculous and wrong).  As a scientist, I am taught to let the evidence speak for itself, not to be emotionally or politically involved, simply show the evidence and let the people decide.  But nowhere in my training have I been informed on the proper response to people who simply do not accept evidence.  This project of mine is what I believe to be the appropriate response: proper education, freely available.


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