This week has been another whirlwind week in the ABQ.

I started the week off with some field work at a USDA-certified organic apple orchard. Measuring photosynthesis in an apple orchard is definitely an experience I would recommend, as you get free access to the apples. I also managed to get some cool shots of the Licor 6800 Portable Photosynthesis System in action (see below).

My next step involves testing some of the assumptions underlying our current photosynthetic gas exchange theory, and for that, I will be setting up my first custom gas exchange setup! Of course, that requires learning about how circuit boards work.

Circuit board for a humidity sensor, made by Jeremiah

And I managed to finish the workweek by submitting a major portion of my thesis for publication!

This past weekend I had a chance to visit Santa Fe, where I learned what New Mexican rivers look like:

A New Mexican river in Santa Fe

After exploring the city and going on a chocolate tour (which I highly recommend), I went to the immersive art venue, Meow Wolf. Their goal is to make an experience that stimulates all of the senses and makes you part of the art. Their Halloween event was loaded with actors, creatures, and an immersive storyline. If you are ever in Santa Fe, Meow Wolf is a must-see!

Well, that is all for this week. But seriously, check out Meow Wolf – it’s absolutely phenomenal!

Stay safe and stay informed,



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