This week we had the opportunity to see a rare phenomenon: the super moon. The moon appears much larger than usual because it is at the closest point to Earth in its orbit, and this one was special because it was the closest the moon has been since 1948. While I didn’t get to see the moon rise over the horizon, where it appears biggest, I did get to see it rise over the Sandias from a vantage point in west Albuquerque. It was quite spectacular, and made all the lights in the city appear dark as the intense moonlight bathed the city.

As for my science this week, I learned how to extract the cuticle from leaves. The cuticle on leaves is a waxy layer that protects the plant from losing too much water. This waxy layer could affect the way that (or the way we perceive that) plants uptake carbon dioxide as well, which is why I am studying how the cuticle and its thickness affect measurements of photosynthesis. You can see a couple part of the extraction process below.

And on Saturday, I went to Gatos y Galletas, a cat café in Albuquerque. All of the cats are up for adoption, and it is an excellent place to go hangout with some cats and get to know them. The whole concept around the place is really cool, because it lets you see how the cats interact with other people (and cats), which is very important to know before adopting an animal.

A puddle of kittens at Gatos y Galletas.

Every week I discover just how much Albuquerque has to offer!

Stay safe and stay informed,


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