Fulbright Travels, Weeks Eleven and Twelve

The past couple weeks in Albuquerque covered American Thanksgiving and the Albuquerque Twinkle Lights Parade.

American Thanksgiving made for a particularly short work week. In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October instead of November. This year I had the chance to attend my first American Thanksgiving celebration, and I was not disappointed. The most notable food item is definitely sweet potato pie/casserole, which is mashed sweet potatoes mixed with butter and brown sugar, and a layer of marshmallows roasted on the top. If you ever get a chance to make it or try it, I highly recommend it.

This past weekend I made it out to see the Twinkle Lights Parade, which is more or less Albuquerque’s version of the Santa Claus parade. There were spectacular marching band and dance routines from the local schools and hundreds of floats. Definitely an event to check out if you’re in Albuquerque this time next year.

One of the many well-decorated floats at the Twinkle Lights parade.

In regards to my science, I managed to get my first paper from my Fulbright exchange submitted this past week! It’s currently undergoing review, so it will be a little while before I get a decision. In the meantime, I am waiting for some rather super-heat tolerant plants to grow.

Heat tolerant plants from the genus Boechera.

Until next time,
Stay safe and stay informed,


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